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APL150 surgical mask making machine

The King Surgical Mask Making Machine: What Standards should Have?

During the COVID-19, the demand for mask manufacturing machines surged, and a large number of enterprises entered the field related to surgical mask-making machines, because there is no relevant standard as a constraint, mask production equipment due to performance indicators, debugging, safety, and other issues, resulting in a large number of quality disputes. So, what standards should a quality surgical mask-making machine have? And how to identify when buying a surgical mask-making machine?

Surgical mask-making machine safety certification

Mask-making machines, generally also called mask manufacturing machines or mask production lines, belong to electromechanical equipment, which involves some safety issues that have an important impact on mask production.

Generally speaking, the most likely hazards of surgical mask-making machines refer to the following two aspects

  1. Physical injury, that is, the normal operation of the equipment for the operator caused by mechanical injury, electric shock, radiation, noise, and other hazards, or threats to the integrity of the equipment.
  2. Electrical injury, after the failure of electrical parts, there are hazards or direct impacts on the equipment, which leads to electrical injuries, mechanical injuries, etc.

Take the CE certification of the EU as an example, according to the safety directive of machinery, MD 2006/42/EC, the mask-making machine should comply with the mechanical safety standard EN ISO 12100 and electrical safety standard EN 60204-1. This can effectively avoid these injuries.

Safety precautions for the surgical mask-making machine

Before installing, operating, running, and maintaining the surgical mask-making machine, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual and all other accessories for proper use, otherwise, you may be electrocuted or damage the machine. Check that the surgical mask-making machine you receive is the one you ordered and that the wiring complies with the technical standards and additional rules for electrical installation, otherwise the cable may catch fire or be damaged.

Before using the machine, train the staff and comply with the safe operating procedures all over again. Under room temperature conditions, the place where the surgical mask-making machine is used should meet the following requirements: no corrosive media, steam, chemical deposits, dust, and dirt that seriously affect the use of the machine, working under violent vibration and bumpy conditions should be prohibited, and no combustible objects should be stacked around the working area to avoid unnecessary danger.

It should be noted that the CE certification is a safety conformity mark for the surgical mask-making machine rather than a quality conformity mark. So, how to identify the quality of the mask machine?

Surgical mask-making machine commissioning

The surgical mask-making machine is mainly divided into four parts: the feeding part, the mask body machine, the earloop welding machine, and the mask packing machine. The basic principle of surgical mask-making machine commissioning: by adjusting these four parts, the non-woven fabric, nose strip, and earloop are combined together in a certain order and structure to ensure the proper size of the face mask, as well as the stability of production.

The part of the mask body is the more important step, the focus is to ensure that the mask is folded into shape, the position of the nose bridge strip is adjusted, and the face mask is wrapped smoothly.

The difficulty of earloop welding is how to ensure the accuracy of the welding position, the solidity of the welding, and the flatness of the earloop folding for the automatic packaging of the face masks.

face mask packing machine

The purpose of surgical mask-making machine commissioning is to enable the continuous and stable production of the machine. It should be noted that the surgical mask-making machine is non-standard automation equipment, and each spare part does not reach modularization and standardization, therefore, it is better to test run the surgical mask-making machine for a period of time after commissioning to ensure successful debugging.

The performance of surgical mask-making machine spare parts

The equipment is noisy, the earloop is easy to fall off, and the size has deviation …… Facing these pain points and difficulties of the surgical mask-making machine, besides the influence of the commissioning of the surgical mask-making machine, there is an important influence factor is the performance of the mask-making machine spare parts.


Each generator will perform repeated wave overload tests under the condition of 3 times the load of the simulated normal production parameters so that the equipment can be started normally under any high-load work and the components will not be damaged.
Each transducer will strictly detect core parameters such as resonance frequency, impedance and capacitance through professional instruments.
The steel mold adopts American D2 imported steel, processed by state-owned enterprises with advanced heat treatment technology, and the quality is excellent. The frequency, current, and other data of the steel mold are strictly tested.
Aging test with ultrasonic combination:
Aging test standards
Long wave mode: test time> 12 hours, temperature < 50℃;
indirect wave mode: test time> 12 hours, temperature < 40℃

The ultrasonic system of the mask machine consists of the ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic electric box), ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic welding head, and flange, which is the core welding part of the surgical mask-making machine and is used for welding around the mask, nose bridge, and earloop welding. The ultrasonic system is the core accessory of the mask machine.

Only professional technology and qualified spare parts can guarantee the excellent performance of the surgical mask-making machine. A penny for every penny, these are essential if you want the surgical mask-making machine to run stably at high speed.

Manufacturer service of surgical mask-making machine

Whether it is technology or product quality, ultimately through the people to reflect, which requires a high degree of responsibility of the surgical mask-making machine manufacturers, otherwise the publicity is good, but also can not get the customer’s affirmation.

The surgical mask-making machine is durable and expensive, so you should be careful before buying. In the process of communication with the mask-making machine manufacturer, the surgical mask-making machine should try to meet these conditions: compliance with regulations, fast delivery, high output, good stability, and timely after-sales service …..

  • Compliance with regulations: CE marking for machinery and equipment is a safety certification mark that is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to enter the European market. All products with the “CE” mark can be sold in each member state of the European Union without having to meet the requirements of each member state, thus achieving the free flow of goods within the EU member states.
  • Delivery time: Time is money, and it is obvious that a fast delivery time for mask manufacturing machines means a fast entry into production.
  • Output speed: High output of the mask manufacturing machine means more masks are produced in the same amount of time, and the efficiency is naturally higher.
  • Stability: Stability is a prerequisite, and only with fewer failures of mask manufacturing machines can we maximize the continuity of production.
  • After-sales service: After purchasing the mask manufacturing machine, whether the mask machine manufacturer can provide timely and professional after-sales service is very important.

To do a good job of surgical mask-making machines, not only need the technical support but is also need the responsibility of mask-making machine manufacturers. From the very beginning, the TESTEX team always adheres to the core value of achieving customers first. During the epidemic period, the TESTEX surgical mask-making machine has been contributing to their own strength, and by the majority of customers praise, the new year, let us wish the epidemic ended early.

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