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Folding Medical Mask Manufacturing Machine

Folding mask manufacturing machine, 100pcs/min, from feeding to built-in nose wire, from earloop welding to mask forming, the whole process is automated. According to the different mask raw materials, folding mask manufacturing machine can produce various medical masks and protective masks, which can be used to protect against viruses and filter airborne particles.


The automatic folding mask manufacturing machine produces 4-5 layers of folding masks with the ultrasonic system, integrated control, fast speed and labor saving. The mask manufacturing machine runs stable operation without jamming, and the molds can be changed to adapt to the production of various folding masks.

Automatic mask production line can be connected with mask packing machine, mask coding machine, mask cartoning machine, and corrective controller according to customer’s requirements to complete a full set of functions such as mask surface coding, mask plastic film packing and mask carton packing and carton coding.



Mask specifications Fold mask(edge sealed)
Earloops length 180-220mm
Welding spot spacing 50mm-54mm Adjustable
Welding spot size 8-10MM Customizable
Welding time 100-500MS
Action cycle 1-2s

Specifications of Folding Mask Manufacturing Machine

Capacity 100 pcs/min
Supply air 0.5~0.7Mpa (dry air source) / 20L / min
Air pipe specifications φ12mm
Power 15KW
Equipment weight About 1600kg
Equipment size (H)1750mm*(L)6900mm*(W)1500mm
Power supply AC 220V/380V 50/60Hz±10%
Operating environment

Ambient temperature does not exceed 40°;

no flammable or corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness is not below 100,000 level)

Operating height 1200mm

Folding Mask Manufacturing Machine Details

Raw Material Parameters Reference of Folding Mask Manufacturing Machine

Photo Raw material Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter of reel Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg) Remarks
Outside-non-woven-fabrics Outside non-woven fabrics Max 800 Φ70~Φ80 250~280 / Max20 1 layer
Filtering-cotton- Filtering cotton Max 800 Φ70~Φ80 250~280 / Max20 1-3 layers
Inside-non-woven-fabrics- Inside non-woven fabrics Max 800 Φ70~Φ80 250~280 / Max20 1 layer
Nose bridge strip Nose bridge strip Max 350 105~200 3~5 ± 0.2 0.5~
1.0 ± 0.1
(1mm is best)
Max20 1 reel / material PE
(roll material width is less than 100mm)
Earloop- Earloop / / 3-5 / / 2 boxes

Folding Mask Manufacturing Machine FAQs

What is the mask production speed of the fold Mask Manufacturing Machine?

Fold mask manufacturing machines can produce 100 pieces of different fold masks every minute. (Stable Running)

What is the fold Mask Manufacturing Machine price?

We accept customization. You can email us or chat with our sales online to get more details.

How to install the fold Mask Manufacturing Machine?

We accept customization. You can email us or chat with our sales online to get more details.

What are the after-sales and warranty policies on fold Mask Manufacturing Machine?

A dedicated sales team will be available for any after-sales problems—our chief after-sales engineer Nick Lick has served hundreds of mask machine clients.

Face Mask making machines, eight months free warranty (6 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time).

Why choose us?

We are glad to receive the video shared by our customers.

The video mentions the mask-making machine’s emergence, which helped them overcome the epidemic. This is the honor of TESTEX.

You can check the video(see our mask production line from time 13:50.)

To provide customers with more choices, TESTEX continues to enrich the types of mask manufacturing machines, the fold mask making machine is one of them.

TESTEX Mask Manufacturing Machine Evaluated by Greece Minister

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