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Mask Material: Meltblown Fabric | Nonwoven Fabric | Hot Air Cotton | Nose Wire | Earloops

Face mask materials are the base of masks for qualified testing.

For flat earloop 3ply face masks, the face raw materials are pp non-woven fabric(external and interior layer), melt-blown fabric as the middle filter material, nose wire, and earloops to get a better facial fit.

While for the KN95 face mask, more layers are applied, one or two meltblown fabrics are added to achieve a better filtration efficiency, and hot air cotton(es fiber) is also used to produce a KN95 face mask.

TESTEX Meltblown Fabric Standard PDF TS M001 2020

TESTEX Mask PP Nonwoven Standard PDF TS M003 2020

TESTEX Mask Nose Wire Standard PDF TS M004 2020

TESTEX Hot Air Cotton Standard PDF TS M005 2020


Face Mask Material: Structure Chart

face mask material-3ply mask structure chart

face mask material-3ply mask structure chart

face mask material-N95 mask structure chart

face mask material-N95 mask structure chart

Face Mask Material: Meltblown Fabric(Filter material)

face mask material Meltblown fabric

Meltblown fabric, also called meltblown cloth, meltblown nonwoven, which is one kind of special nonwoven or spunbond. Meltblown cloth’s raw material is mainly polypropylene, which has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation, and oil absorption. Can be used for air and liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorbent materials, mask materials, warm materials, oil-absorbent materials and wiping cloth, etc.

The meltblown fabric we offer is for mask filter application use and has special specifications, which help the final mask can meet the requirements of varied standards.

Performance Testing Standard Testing Conditions Results
Particle Filtration Efficiency(PFE) YY 0469 32 L/min airflow, NaCl, single-layered specimen ≥ 90%
Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ASTM F2100EN 14683 Test bacteria: staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538,Test area: 49 cm²,
Gas flow rate: 28.3 L/min,
Average particle diameter: 3.0 um
Result of the positive control: 1.9 x 10³ CFU,
Result of the negative control: < 1 CFU
≥ 95%
GSM (g/m²) FZT 64034 10 cm² 25 g/m²
Breaking force (Horizontal · N ) FZT 64034 100 mm/min ≥ 2
Breaking force (Vertical · N ) FZT 64034 100 mm/min ≥ 4
Differential pressure (breathing resistance) YY 0469 Airflow 8 L/min, Dia. of specimen testing area 25 mm, testing area 4.9 cm² ≤ 49 Pa

Mask Material: PP Nonwoven Fabric

mask material pp nonwoven fabric

Nonwoven fabric, or spunbond, is one of the important material to make all kinds of masks, TESTEX supplies nonwoven fabric suitable for producing qualified face masks.

To validate the quality of the non-woven fabric, we sample and test each roll in our lab:

Product Name Color GSM Specifications
Flat mask
Blue/White/Pink 25 g/m² Width: 175 mm

Mask Material: Earloop

mask material Earloop

Earloop is welded on medical mask bodies to help the face mask fit well on the wearer’s face well, high-quality ear loop can be easily welded on the masks by ultrasonic ear loop welding machines, with a limit to nonblocking situations.

Check how we validate the Max. elongation test quality of earloop in the video below, more related tests like earloop PH test, ear loop formaldehyde test, please contact us.

Product name Round Mask Earloop
Width and length 3 mm, 770 m/kg
Material Spandex / Nylon
Colour White

3 ways to ensure & validate the quality
Meltblown Manufacturing Process

Electret masterbatch, which results in a long duration of the electrostatic adsorption capacity of the meltblown.

meltblown Testing on each roll
Testing on each roll*

PFE test, BFE test, Synthetic blood penetration test, Differential pressure test, Breaking force test, Final mask testing.

meltblown Using on machines
Using on machines

Use the meltblown fabric on mask machines to validate whether meltblown fabric is suitable for long time production

*All tested samples will be processed under high temperature and low temperature (high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature minus 30 degrees), simulating the aging of natural time for 1 year.


Meltblown PFE Test


Meltblown BFE Test


Synthetic Blood Test


Breathability Test

Any further questions about face mask material purchasing, please contact us:

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