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Notes on Purchasing EN 149 FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 Masks?

At present, COVID-19 has produced several mutations, almost infected everywhere, we are also slowly getting used to it. In the current situation, it is still necessary to wear EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, or ffp3 mask and do a good job of daily protection, after all, being infected, self-isolation, and taking medication is a minor matter, the main concern is to leave some after-effects.

Recently some public places began to require the wearing of EN 149 ffp2 masks, out of home, how to identify EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks? This article takes you through three aspects to quickly understand.

  • What are the EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?
  • How to identify EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?
  • Where to buy EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?


What are the EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?

EN 149 is the EU standard for CE certification of protective masks ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3, EN 149: Respiratory protective devices – Filtering half masks to protect against particles – Requirements, testing, marking.

EN 149 was prepared by the European Standards Committee and specifies the minimum requirements for filtering protective masks for particulate protection. The current version of the standard is EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. The main categories of protective masks in the EN 149 standard are as follows.

According to whether with valve is divided into valve mask and valveless mask, the valve only affects the wearer’s breathing difficulty, will not affect the filtration efficiency.

Depending on whether reusable or not, EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks are divided into no-reusable masks and reusable masks, NR stands for non-reusable and R stands for reusable.

According to different filtration efficiency, EN 149 ffp masks are divided into three grades: EN 149 ffp1 masks, EN 149 ffp2 masks, and EN 149 ffp3 masks.
Level EN 149 ffp1 EN 149 ffp2 EN 149 ffp3
Filtration Efficiency ≥80% ≥94% ≥99%

Filtration efficiency refers to the effectiveness of the EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 mask in filtering airborne particles when the airflow rate is 95L/min.

  • EN 149 ffp1 mask: Filter out 80% of airborne particles
  • EN 149 ffp2 mask: Filter out 94% of airborne particles
  • EN 149 ffp3 mask: Filter out 99% of airborne particles

From the filtration efficiency, we can know that EN 149 ffp2 mask is close to the N95 mask in terms of particle filtration.


How to identify EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?

Inspection of EN 149 mask packaging to ensure that mechanical damage and contamination are prevented prior to use. EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, or ffp3 mask markings should be clearly and durably marked with the manufacturer’s name, trademark, and, in addition, the following.

Particle filtering half mask EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR D


1 Type: Particle filtering half mask means “particle protection half mask”

2 Applicable standards and year of publication: EN149:2001+A1:2009

3 Level: FFP 2, the effectiveness of filtering sodium chloride saline particles and paraffin oil oily particles at an airflow of 95l/min. According to the filtration efficiency, the FFP masks are classified into 3 categories as follows.

4 NR or R

FFP mask is classified as a disposable mask or reusable mask.
NR: No-reusable (disposable)
R: Reusable

5 Option “D”

Particle protection half-masks that pass the dolomite clogging test should be packaged with the letter “D”. where “D” is an option for a no-reuseable particle filtering half mask and mandatory for re-useable particle filtering half mask.

Checking masks is not enough just to look at the CE mark and code, checking the instructions for use is also a method. The first looks at whether it is written in the language of the place of sale, the second looks at whether the declaration of conformity can be found on the website, and the third looks at whether the address is marked in the instructions.

So, how can masks meet the EU health and safety requirements, and what are the regulatory requirements for personal protective masks in terms of the EN 149 standard? Specific reference can be made to EN 149 standard part 7 and part 8, the following is a summary of the EN 149 testing items of ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 mask.


Where to buy EN 149 ffp1, ffp2, and ffp3 masks?

Since some areas have started requiring people to wear EN 149 ffp2 masks while shopping and on public transportation, people are going to start getting some EN 149 ffp2 masks. Now the masks are still very convenient to buy online, and the amount of goods is sufficient. Most of the masks are about 70 euros for 50 pieces, is not very expensive. Here is a summary of the websites where you can buy EN 149 ffp2 masks.

Buy EN 149 ffp2 masks at REAL‘s offline stores and website.

Buy EN 149 ffp2 masks on Saturn’s official website.

Buy EN 149 ffp2 mask on Mediamarkt’s official website

Buy EN 149 ffp2 mask on amazon’s official website

Buy EN 149 ffp2 mask on eBay’s official website

In the process of using the EN 149 ffp2 mask, the outer layer often accumulates a lot of dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria, saliva, therefore, the two sides can not be used alternately, otherwise, it will be infected. When the mask is not worn, it should be folded into a clean paper bag and folded inward on the side that is close to the nose and mouth, do not just stuff it into a pocket or hang it around the neck.

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