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automatic surgical mask making machine

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine: The Common FAQ List

This is a list of FAQs about the fully automatic surgical mask machine. This post will help you understand the production process, working principle, type, and quality standards of a fully automatic surgical mask making machine, etc. Please read this list before you buy or import a fully automatic surgical mask making machine.

What is a fully automatic surgical mask making machine?

A mask manufacturing machine is an electromechanical device that produces various types of masks. An automatic surgical mask making machine, by processing the raw materials of masks such as non-woven fabric, nasal strips and ear straps, produces surgical masks that meet certain performance requirements.

A fully automatic surgical mask machine includes two parts: an automatic mask production machine and an automatic mask packing machine, and only one person is required to control the machine throughout the process.

APL150 surgical mask making machine

What are an automatic mask production machine and an automatic mask packaging machine?

The automatic mask production machine and automatic mask packaging machine are assembled together to make a fully automatic mask machine. The mask production machine and mask packaging machine can be purchased and used separately, but this will affect productivity.

mask production machine
mask production machine
mask packing machine
mask packing machine

If you buy mask production machine and mask packaging machine separately, then you need to have professional technicians to help you assemble and link the two machines so as to achieve automatic production, provided that the two machines are compatible with each other.

In addition, the mask packaging machine can not only be used for the packaging of various flat masks and folded masks, but also can be upgraded to be used as packaging for other similar products, such as shoe insoles, handkerchiefs, disposable slippers, etc.

Why invest in a fully automatic surgical mask making machine?

Improvement of production efficiency

Compared with semi-automatic mask manufacturing machine and folding mask manufacturing machine, fully automatic surgical mask machine can greatly improve mask production efficiency with stable operation and faster speed, which can reach 130pcs/min~150pcs/min.

Improve quality

Various sensor components and fine-tuning components greatly improve the qualified rate of face masks to 99.7%. When there is a mask quality problem, stop the mask manufacturing machine operation in time to reduce the waste of material.

Less labor

Fully automatic surgical mask machine, the whole process is automated and standardized with a high degree of consistency, greatly reducing labor, and one person can control the machine.

Improved safety

The emergency stop button can stop the machine instantly, and the motorized part is equipped with protective cover, which greatly reduces the safety hazards during the production process.

What are the types of mask manufacturing machines?

Flat type mask manufacturing machine, mainly used for manufacturing medical surgical masks, such as ASTM F2100 Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of USA. Type Ⅰα, Type Ⅱ, Type ⅡR of EN 14683.

flat surgical mask making machine
flat surgical mask making machine

Folding type mask manufacturing machine is mainly used to produce masks that fit more closely to the face and provide better protection, such as KN95 masks, KF94 masks, FFP2 masks, etc.

N95 Mask Manufacturing Machine
fold type mask manufacturing machine

In addition, there is also a relatively rare high-speed wide earloop mask manufacturing machine, because the welding method of earloop has been changed, greatly improving the production speed of masks, mainly used to meet the production needs of special circumstances.

What are the systems of the fully automatic surgical mask making machine?

The fully automatic surgical mask making machine consists of different component systems that work together to make medical masks.

Feeding system

To fix the raw materials of masks on a shelf in a certain structural order and adjust the position to prepare for the next step, the following things should be noted

To check the material shelf, in addition to the stability of the material shelf, to ensure the consistency of the incoming material, the limit and the roll barrel fixed to be stable.

To determine the quality of the incoming material, in addition to the feeding system, the quality is different, the tension of the feeding material is different.

Electrical control system

Servo motor, PLC controller, are the main components of the electrical system of the mask manufacturing machine, which can realize the fully automatic production of masks, and also monitor the production process, and guarantee the continuity of production.

Mask body forming system

According to the size and shape of the mask type you want to produce, the nose wires and non-woven fabrics are cut and sewn together to produce the main body of the mask that meets the requirements.

Printing system

If you need to mark the information on the mask, such as the brand of the mask, the type and grade of the mask, etc., then you need Printing System

Welding and sewing system

The better the quality of these parts, the better you can ensure the qualified rate and stability of mask production.

Packaging System

In order to prevent the masks from being contaminated during transportation and storage, the masks need to be packaged in time. The automatic mask manufacturing machine can link the mask production and mask packaging in one step, which can improve the production efficiency and avoid the masks from being contaminated at the same time.

How does a surgical mask making machine work?

When producing surgical masks, proper knowledge is important. Here are some factors that you must properly consider in order to understand how the machine works.

First, you must know which material you will be using in the process of making surgical masks. The best material for making a medical mask is a non-woven fabric with good breathability and filtration properties.

Feeding system: Place non-woven fabrics, nose strips, and ear straps that meet specifications on the surgical mask machine.

Mask body forming: Mask body forming is a relatively important step, the focus is to ensure that the mask folded into shape, the nose wire position adjustment, mask wrap edge flat.

Earloop welding: The difficulty of earloop welding is how to ensure the accuracy of the welding position, the solidity of the welding, and the flatness of the earloop folding for packaging.

After the earloop welding, at this time, it is already a finished mask, and the mask needs to be tested comprehensively and randomly inspected during the later production process.

Earloop folding and packaging: To ensure that the fully automatic surgical mask making machine can operate at a stable and full speed, earloop folding and packaging is essential.

Note: Each package should be accompanied by the identification content should include the manufacturer’s name and address, product name, executive mark number, production batch number, product specifications (unit area quality, width, volume length, etc.), production date, volume weight, volume number, as well as other enterprises that should be necessary to mark the content. Product packaging should ensure that product quality is not easily damaged, not easily contaminated, no damage caused by storage and transportation, and easy to transport.

What are the price costs of a surgical mask making machine?

Since surgical mask making machine is a non-standard automation equipment, there is not a unified standard in the market, therefore, the price of surgical mask making machine from different mask machinery manufacturers will vary, mainly determined by the following aspects

Mechanical cost

Mechanical cost refers to the basic components of the surgical mask making machine. The better the quality of these spare parts, the more stable the production of the mask making machine will be and the longer the service life of the machine will be.

Degree of automation

The higher the degree of automation of the surgical mask making machine, the faster the production speed of the mask, then the higher the requirements for the precision and stability of the surgical mask making machine, and the more expensive the price of the mask making machinery.

Transportation cost

Nowadays, most of the surgical mask making machine buyers import the mask machinery from China, the transportation cost is charged according to the space size, if the surgical mask making machine is not designed properly and the packing space is large, it will lead to a great increase in the transportation cost, which will eventually be borne by the buyer.

Time cost

The delivery time of the mask machine manufacturer, if the order quantity of surgical mask making machine is large, then it is very important whether the mask machine manufacturer can deliver the mask machinery that meets the quality requirements on time.

Service cost

To use the surgical mask making machine safely and correctly, it is necessary to understand the structure size, installation circuit diagram, list of wearing parts, and repair and maintenance methods of the surgical mask making machine, the more professional the service, the higher the value.

What are the key technologies of the surgical mask making machine?

Structure size of the surgical mask making machine

The placement of the mask machinery needs to be reasonably arranged according to the workshop environment of your factory. If the structure of the mask machinery is not reasonable, it may cause a waste of space.

Electrical safety of the surgical mask making machine

Surgical mask making machine is electromechanical equipment, it should conform to the relevant safety certification to protect the personal safety of operators during operation, such as conforming to CE certification.

The speed of the surgical mask making machine

The speed of the mask machinery generally refers to how many masks can be produced per minute, it determines the upper limit of your factory’s production capacity, even if you receive a large order, you don’t have to be in too much of a hurry.

Stability of the surgical mask making machine

The measure of the stability of the mask machinery mainly refers to the qualified rate of mask production. The higher the qualified rate, the more masks can achieve both continuous production and reduce the waste of materials.

Durability of the machine

The best material for making automatic surgical mask making machine is stainless steel. The material of the mask machinery is strong enough to bear the weight of the whole machine and will not shake during the production process.

How can the surgical mask making machine prevent contamination?

Surgical masks should be produced in a clean room, the surgical mask making machine should be cleaned and maintained regularly, you can use alcohol some easy volatile cleaning solution to clean the mask machinery, you can consult your mask machinery supplier for details.

How do test the quality of surgical masks?

Bacteria filtration efficiency

Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of Medical Face Mask Materials, Using a Biological Aerosol of Staphylococcus aureus.

The standard specifies a test method for evaluating the bacterial filtration effectiveness of medical face mask materials. The test method is to attach Staphylococcus aureus to droplets with an average particle size of 3µm and a size of 0.65 to 9µm and above, using the ratio of the number of bacteria that can penetrate the mask to the total number of bacteria attached to the aerosol to determine the filtration efficiency of the medical face mask material.

Particle filtration efficiency

Standard Test Method for Determining the Initial Efficiency of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Particulates Using Latex Spheres.

The test method, which measures the filtration efficiency of medical face mask materials for submicron particles, has recently received significant attention in the media worldwide. According to the U.S. FDA, medical face masks are very effective in protecting against small particles of 0.1µm in size generated during medical procedures.

Breathing resistance

Method for determination of breathability (differential pressure)

Daily protective masks may need to be worn for a long time, so it is necessary to have a high ventilation capacity to ensure smooth breathing, and the differential pressure is a measure of the comfort of breathing while wearing the mask.

Splash Resistance

Standard Test Method for Resistance of Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Synthetic Blood (Horizontal Projection of Fixed Volume at a Known Velocity)

Medical face masks are intended to resist fluid penetration based on many different factors, including the surface tension and viscosity of the fluid itself, as well as the structure and relative hydrophilicity of the material, all of which need to be considered when designing a medical face mask. The standard is particularly applicable to synthetic blood penetration resistance testing and is designed to simulate the reality of using a face mask to determine if a medical face mask can effectively protect surgeons from blood splatter.


Test Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles 16 CFR 1610

FDA face mask certification is a reference to the ASTM F2100 standard, and there are no requirements for flammability. FDA mask certification requires ASTM F2100 level 1, 2, and 3 masks to meet relevant standards in four parts: bacterial filtration efficiency, particle filtration efficiency, synthetic blood penetration resistance and differential pressure.

What types of surgical masks

Surgical masks of U.S. standard: ASTM F2100

Performance indicators Protection level 1 Protection level 2 Protection level 3
BFE % ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
Differential pressure mmH2O/cm² <5.0 <6.0 <6.0
Filtration efficiency for 0.1um particles 1% ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
Synthetic blood penetration,

minimum pressure mmHg

80 120 160
flame resistance Class 1 Class 1 Class 1

Surgical masks of EU standard: EN 14683

Classify Type Ⅰα Type Ⅱ Type ⅡR
BFE % ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
Differential pressure Pa/cm² <40 <40 <40
Splash resistance kPa No requirement No requirement ≥16.0
Microbial cleanliness CFU/g ≤30 ≤30 ≤30

Surgical masks of China standard

bacterium YY/T 0969 YY 0469 GB 19083
Bacterial colony count CFU/g ≤100 ≤100 ≤200
Escherichia coli not detectable not detectable not detectable
Pseudomonas aeruginosa not detectable not detectable not detectable
staphylococcus aureus not detectable not detectable not detectable
hemolytic streptococcus not detectable not detectable not detectable
fungi not detectable not detectable ≤100

What industries can masks and mask machinery be used in?

Mask and mask machinery are mainly used in crowded industrial places to protect yourself and others.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, masks are made for medical practitioners.
  • In the food industry, where appropriate masks are made for food manufacturers and workers.
  • In the chemical industry, masks are made for those who handle chemicals.

Instructions for use of surgical mask making machine

The mask machine manufacturer should be able to provide complete instructions for the use of the surgical mask making machine to ensure that the mask machinery can be used safely and effectively.

  • Proper calibration of the machine to obtain the correct cutting edges and cutting points.
  • Training of employees on best production procedures and techniques
  • Use high quality machines and materials in the production process
  • Proper consultation with other manufacturers and suppliers
  • Proper and frequent cleaning and maintenance of surgical mask making machines

What are the common faults of the surgical mask making machine?

Stops running

You may notice that the surgical mask mamking machine sometimes stops running. This can also be caused by material obstruction or poor calibration. You can fix this by calibrating the machine correctly and removing the obstruction.

Mask size is not standard

You may also notice that the final mask size varies due to poor machine calibration. This can also be a result of poor machine adjustment resulting in poor cutting non-uniformity. You can recover this by properly calibrating and adjusting the various parts of the machine.

Nose wire out-of-position

The out-of-position of the nose wire, which can directly lead to mask scrapping. The position of the nose wire can be continuously viewed through the nose wire monitoring device.

Unstable earloop welding

Earloop welding is related to ultrasonic system, servo motor, PLC control system, and is determined by the stability of the surgical mask making machine. You can contact your mask machine manufacturer for after-sales service.

Why choose TESTEX surgical mask making machine?

TESTEX mask machine manufacturer, specializing in exporting mask machinery, has rich experience in the development, design and after-sales sales of mask machinery, providing you with higher quality products and more professional services.

  • Stable operation, low failure rate; ultrasonic welding, efficient and firm.
  • Small size, flexible transportation method, save transportation cost.
  • Easy to install, you can produce masks within 4 hours after receiving the machine.
  • The inner folding earloop of the surgical mask making machine, which makes packaging fast and convenient, and the embossed version and logo can be customized.
  • Internal folding ear strap + optical inspection, speed up to 130pcs/min~150pcs/min.
  • TESTEX full English online after-sales service with full life-cycle maintenance and parts stocking and replacement program to ensure continuous production.

Currently, TESTEX surgical mask making machine will be equipped with IOT function, which can provide online real-time feedback on malfunction, remind operators of maintenance, can reserve parts stocking and ordering, and update control software remotely.

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