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An overview of masks

1. Mask Factory: Complete Guide to Building a Mask Production Line
2. Mask Type: How can We Identify Shape, Use, and Standard of Face Mask?
3. How to Select the Best Mask Manufacturing Machine for the Mask Factory?
4. Mask Effectiveness Test Checklist of EN 14683, EN 149, and ASTM F2100
5. An overview of masks
6. The Common FAQ about the Use of N95 Masks

As you can see, we have been dealing with a broad pandemic since the outbreak in 2019. As a result, masks can be seen anywhere at any time for the protection of our health and the early eradication of the covid-19 outbreak. It is not unusual to see people wearing masks on the street. Masks are also designed to give an extra layer of protection in instances where you can’t physically separate yourself from the threat, such as in rooms with inadequate or unknown airflow. Despite the widespread use of masks, the majority of you have little knowledge of them. Let’s take a closer look at it in terms of type, material, and so on.

The N95 mask: a powerful defender in the world

To begin with, there are numerous masks available on the market. We are all acquainted with N95 masks, which do take a substantial market share both at home and abroad. The N95 masks, as illustrated in the image, may completely cover your face from nose to mouth without leaving any unnecessary room. It also contains non-woven electrostatic polypropylene fiber. The material is super gentle on the skin and forms a strong sealing across the entire mask, from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin. That is to say, unlike other masks, if you utilize the N95 mask properly, you will have no difficulty breathing. And the number of 95 means that it can capture and filter at least 95% of tiny particles or aerosols that carry the virus which results in corona-virus disease. It is no doubt that numerous people choose to wear the N95 mask when they are in grave danger of contracting the covid-19, especially the healthcare workers who take responsibility to look after the patients. And N95 masks have reached the international standard by the development of the design which is also specified in the NIOSH standard. The experts predict that its working life will be longer than ever before. Certainly, the cost of such a mask is relatively higher than other masks and it is commonly used by medical people.

Medical-surgical mask: another one with a lower cost

When talking about another mask with lower cost, it refers to medical surgical masks which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Of people who have used medical-surgical masks, all of them agree that the medical surgical mask is odorless, weightless, and effective to some extent. No matter whether you are in a store or pharmacy, you will have available access to medical-surgical masks at a low price. It is in accordance with the industry standard YY0469-2011 in China with the generally three-layer (non-woven) structure(as you can see in the picture), which is made up of two layers of non-woven fabric professionally for health care, and a layer having anti-bacteria up to 99.99% in the middle in order to shoot up the filtration. Non-woven fabric is composed of fibers instead of textiles. On the one hand, it is distinguished by its water absorption, water resistance, and suppleness, making it suitable for all users. Even in the sweltering weather, you can enjoy yourself outdoors. But as you will swear heavily in the extremely hot weather, so don’t forget to have a rest and take care of your hygiene. On the other hand, it can not be hand-washed and put on the face only for one time. It is a disposable product that should be changed every 4 hours for the best protection. If you spend a lot of time traveling in other cities or countries, you will be inevitably intended to stock up on medical masks. Above all, what you need to bear in mind is that you are required to drop it into a trash can after using it.

The KN95 mask: a useful tool for staying your makeup

Here comes another question: what kind of mask should you wear if you want to keep your makeup unchanged? It is commonly unavoidable that lipsticks and foundations can be blown off by coming into contact with masks. Therefore, KN95 is specially designed for those who want a graceful appearance in every setting. KN95 is designed with a 3D shape according to the human face shape so that the tightness, fitness of the human face, and the increase in breathing volume can be ensured when using the face mask. With a significant improvement in permeability, you will feel more comfortable when wearing the KN95. Next, it comes to the material and structure of the mask which may raise your curiosity. Known as multi-effect protection 5-layer face mask, it uses standard and safe materials. The outermost 1 layer of non-woven fabric is able to filter large particles, middle 2-layer melt-blown fabric can block no less than 95% of particles. Meanwhile, the 1 layer of hot air cotton can filter pm2.5 and the innermost 1 layer of non-woven fabric is skin-friendly and softer which allows you to undergo a comfortable usage experience while at the same time protecting your breath with high filter efficiency. What surprises us is that this KN95 disposable face mask can be folded. In other words, the mask can be perfectly placed in your backpack, purse, and potion, convenient to carry, and without any pollution use. Furthermore, the protection KN95 mask is lightweight and equipped with an adjustable nose clip and elastic ear hooks. It is neither easy to drop nor necessary to adjust it when you are working. It is one of the top choices for you.

PM2.5 mask: a guard of your health when faced with the dust storms

Actually, before the pandemic, the masks are originally made to prevent inhalation of excessive dust or other harmful substances and isolate odors. The PM2.5 masks come to the stage owing to rampant dust storms and hazy weather caused by fine particulate matter. There are three parts of the PM2.5 mask. Firstly, the outer layer is covered with an antibacterial fabric that mixes with carbon fiber mat, non-woven fabric, and so on. The middle layer is warm padding added with dust-free particles activated carbon and the bottom layer is a PM2.5 filter with filter-ability of 95% to 99% for applying the nana-silver germicide. Leading carbon cloth plays an important role in the fight against toxicity, effectively guarding the health of people. When producing such masks, the businessmen pay more attention to the function of filtering the pollutants. Furthermore, it can completely fit your face tightly by the design. Thus, there is no worry about how big or small your face is. You can find the suitable sizes of masks in the shop or online as the businessmen have produced a variety of masks in different sizes for children or adults. If you are suffering from the pollution of PM 2.5, you can take this mask into consideration.

In the past, the mask is possibly less seen in our life. However, until now, masks have become an indispensable part of our society. Once you are vaccinated, choosing the right type of mask contributes to the maximization of the protection against COVID-19 for you and other people, as part of a layered strategy. So it is important for you to purchase and produce some suitable masks in high quality. TESTEX will be your optimal choice if you are in need of the production of the mask. For more detailed information, welcome to visit our website

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