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face mask production machine

Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

  • Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine & Packing Line
  • Stable operation, qualification rate of mask production up to 99.7%
  • Easy to install, can be put into production after 4 hours of debugging upon arrival
  • Fully automatic mask production machine, capacity up to 130~150pcs/min
  • Light-weight, small size, save shipping cost
  • English after-sales service, professional service, full life cycle support
  • IOT online (upgrade in progress)
Headloop Face Mask Manufacturing Machine
  • Automatic monitoring of nose wire and earloop welding, automatic alarm function to reduce material waste and avoid damage to the machine.
  • From raw material feeding to mask making completion, the whole process is automatic, speed 45pcs/min.
  • Mask printing and breathing valve punching, can be customized.
  • English after-sales service, professional service, full life cycle support
  • IOT online (upgrade in progress)
mask manufacturing machine

Why Choose Us

International Vision

A well-known German strategic consultant gave TESTEX brand strategic guidance, our agents are all over the world, and the company’s core team has an international vision. We understand your needs better and can help you achieve your goals faster.

Customer First

We always stand from the perspective of customers, develop and produce mask machines with excellent performance and stable operation, and only provide customers with solutions that can actually be put into production.

customer support

R&D Support

We have a strong R&D team, senior mechanical engineers have 20 years of experience in mask machine R&D. We support you with years of expertise and application experience, satisfy your needs, and provide a suitable customized machine.

one stop service

One-Stop Service

We have kinds of one-stop solutions to help you build a professional mask production factory. Also, we have an excellent sales team, R&D team, and after-sales team to support available, make sure to solute your problems on time.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Our mask manufacturing machine is built with high-quality accessories, Air TAC cylinder, brand servo motors/belt, PLC panel, which guarantees the mask machinery long-time and high speed running.

Smart Machine

TESTEX mask machine is automatic, intelligent, sustainable, with optical detection, alarm for overload and lack of material, ultrasonic welding, running stably, and a high pass rate of 99.7%.

easy to use


TESTEX mask machine can be put into production after only 4 hours of debugging after arrival, however, some other brands will take 1 week. We have fast assistance to help you with installation.

Quick Upgrade

Our mask machine has been upgraded 10 times so far, production capacity increased by 5 times compared to the original product. In the future, we will also introduce IoT features, so stay tuned.

Mask Production Line: Youtube Live

To verify the stability of the mask machine, a live broadcast of 2 to 3 hours was conducted on the Youtube platform.

In 2020, the TESTEX surgical mask making machine was the only mask machinery that maintained a production speed of 110pcs/min throughout the exhibition at the China International Medical Prevention and National Health Development Forum and Exhibition. Its stable quality is evident to all.


TESTEX is one of the mask machinery manufacturers and R&D leaders, specializing in developing and manufacturing instruments for the surgical mask industry around the world.

TESTEX mask manufacturing machine, the source factory in China, has a safe, stable, and efficient automatic mask production process. TESTEX has served hundreds of surgical mask making machine customers, from small business owners to Fortune 500.

Testex Mask Manufacturing Production

Inquiry to me

If you would like to know more about the TESTEX masks machinery and the masks testing, please keep in touch with us. You can contact us on WhatsApp, send us an email, or give us a call at +86 769 2329 4842.

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